Making thousands of dollars is easy by selling Pokémon Go accounts

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People love to play Pokémon Go for hours together. Some players spend a lot of time in the game to experience the fun and discover the game techniques. Others are lazy and look towards levelling up in the game without spending time and putting efforts. Thus they decide to buy Pokemon Go accounts to ease up the game.

It is certainly not an easy task to reach a higher level in the game if you are not ready to spend a lot of time and put in efforts. Some players who already reached a higher level by playing the game for hours together often think about selling their Pokémon Go accounts, which is increasingly gaining popularity these days.

Of course when there are buyers there are takers too.  Yes sellers are now selling their accounts on popular auction sites.  You will get to see a plenty of high level accounts with rare Pokémon listed and available for sale for thousands of dollars.

Most of the listings that you notice are quite comprehensive with detailed stats of number of Pokémon they have collected etc., when you go through some high level accounts for sale online for thousands, it merely doesn’t mean they are going to sell their accounts for the amounted listed.  People bid on cheaper accounts as well.

If you decide to sell your account, do not rush as doing so can terminate your account.  Make sure you read the terms and conditions for selling your account before you plan to sell it.

For sellers, it is easy to fetch good money by selling their accounts on auction sites. You tend to get more bids than you expect and of course your hard work in the game to build an established account pays off.

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