Clash Royale – Which is the best time to use your cards?

Clash Royale – Which is the best time to use your cards?

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The game really gets interesting and you get successful in the game if you know certain tips or strategies in the game. Collecting Clash Royale free gems through hacking tools is quite easier, but knowing about the best time to play your cards in Clash Royale is equally important. Let us learn about the best time to use your cards.

This basically means, when your enemy starts attacking you, do not get scared, and don’t rush to use your cards. Wait for the right time to come. Once you drop your cards, it is not possible for you to get back into the game and it becomes easier for your enemy to handle the situation wisely.

Suppose you are using Hog Rider to attack, your enemy plays Minion Horde to attack you back, the Hog rider you are using will hit the Tower just once and gets destroyed on the spot. Now Minion Horde is heading towards your Tower and the Princess is in your hand. At this moment, make sure you wait till the time they approach the arena on your side to drop the Princess you own. If you land up dropping the Princess quite early, she may have to face Miner-ed, Arrows-ed before she hits the Minion Horde. Of course, you should not get too late else Minions will strike your Tower terribly.

In case your enemy drops Musketeer and Witch at the back and you own a fireball, place the fireball in the front of the opponent’s tower in case he lands up dropping something else. Use your fireball to the fullest.

Once you master the time management tricks in Clash Royale, it can prove to be a game changing formula for you to succeed in the game. Learn how to utilize time to be able to face less failures.


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