Clash Of Can – Part 2 Is Coming To Hold Your Breath

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The supremo of mobile gaming Supercell is bringing the second part of this huge online game. Hopefully, this is going to be a new game on the same basic storyline and ultra modern features playing with those famous characters of COC. Clash of Cans 2 is not going to be the same old attacking and defending of the villages. This is all the fans could expect to regenerate the spirit on the retarding popularity of the previous version and it is going to be the most successful sequel of the mostly downloaded game the history mobile games.

An outlook for Part2

Adding up with water war for the water territories you can play with battleships, submarines, naval armies, sea creatures as troops. A new dark dragon is coming up with mores powers and arrogant features with a whole other character of dark troops. Gem mining and time troll are also to be renovated to bring charms and reduce frustration factors. In the sequel, as far as the makers are concerned, it is going to be a lot of new events and a lot of up-gradation in characters, functions, tools, environments and inhibition of newer characters. It is supposed to be equipped with newer online multiplayer communication features to uplift the popularity level than ever before.

The release date was supposed to be in January 2017 which has been lagged to till date. As there is no official announcement for the date of release from the makers, only it could be hoped that on any fine morning the release news will come from the creators to eliminate all the boredoms of playing the older version and stuck in with the new version with a charming cause to continue. Search the net to know more details about the topic.


Signs that Your Cell Phone is Being Tracked with a Spyware

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You might be concerned that someone is tracking your cell phone activities by installing a spyware. If you have been unsuccessful in detecting it then you can read this article.

Since this software has been designed to function in stealth mode, you will not notice any app icon. Hence, it becomes difficult to detect this software. Take a look at the suspected signs to detect a cell phone monitoring spyware.

Faster Battery Drainage

If you notice that the battery of your phone drains faster even when it is in standby mode, then you need to be careful. However, do not forget that the battery life of a phone decreases with time. If you see changes in the battery life from one day to another, particularly when you do not use it then it is a sign that your phone has a spyware. Spyware to espionnage telephone drains battery faster because it runs constantly.

Increase in Data Usage

Is your data usage increasing even when you are spending less time online? This can be because of some specific reasons. It can happen if some installed app is running in the background, due to some malware, or installation of spyware. Monitoring software requires internet to report back and thus, can consume data. Hence, you should keep a regular check on your data usage.

Unusual Text Messages

There are certain logiciel espion which allows the user to control the phone with the help of another Smartphone. It does this with the help of some coded texts. Though good quality software can hide it, not all software will be able to do that. If you receive some unusual cryptic texts from time to time then you need to be careful of a spyware. You should keep in mind that this kind of software can also be used to espionner un portable.